The Ultimate Database/Crate-Management Tool for Serato ScratchLIVE.

(Java 1.5 or higher required)

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Beta? That was yesterday. (2153 views)

Once a software is stable enough you can remove the "Beta"-tag. That's what we did with ScratchTools. It seems to run pretty well, time to remove the "Beta" tag. :)

Also with the current version we added:

* Support for ScratchLIVE version 1.8.1+
* Some Video-SL functions
* Crate order sorting

As in these days ITCH from Serato will be out we will make sure ScratchTools also works with ITCH. This should already work I assume, as both will use the same database format.

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Beta release (2055 views)

Yes, ScratchTools has reached beta status. It seems to be quite stable.

Currently ScratchTools supports following key tasks:

* Synchronize folders to crates (with, or without subcrates)
* Find moved/lost tracks
* Rename filenames with patterns
* Reset columns
* Export crates as text files
* Export crates to a folder
* Migrate library to a different drive including all audio files, crate and database information
* Delete orphaned/lost files

We are currently working on:
* sorting crate-order
* intelligent crates.

Also DJ Dawn from the ScratchLIVE forums pimped our forum. Big ups to him! :-)

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Alpha Release (2352 views)

Welcome to the ScratchTools blog.

**What is ScratchTools?**

ScratchTools is the ultimate database/crate-management tool for Serato ScratchLIVE. It will work on all supported ScratchLIVE platforms, which are Windows XP, Windows Vista and last not least Mac OSX.

Right now it is in the alpha state, which means it is still full of bugs and only a subset of the final functions have been implemented yet.

Currently ScratchTools supports following tasks:

* Synchronize folders to crates
* Find moved tracks
* Rename filenames with patterns

The functions which we would like to add at some time are listed on this page []

**We need your support!**

This is a project we are doing in our free time and it is really time consuming. If ScratchTools saves you some time and effort and you think this is a cool application show us your appreciation and donate via paypal, helping us to cover the costs. All donators will be listed on a donation page (unless they refuse to be listed) and we might consider giving them greater support. What goes around comes around. We will appreciate your love as well. :-)

As this is a free tool (and I mean **free** not crappy wanna-be-free-but-donation-is-mandatory) you are not forced to donate any money.

If you are a skilled java-developer and you want to help us please contact anyone from the development team. As you can see, the forums and this website is quite clean and kept (lets say) functional, but we would like to see some stylish graphics, so we are also looking for someone who knows php and wants to add his flavor.

**Please register!**

To be informed when a new version comes out please register. You will receive a notification. Also feel free to post features you would like to see in ScratchToosl. Thank you!

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